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Our new favorite chapter on this website are the Electric Shock Games.

The brave team of Electric Shock dot org has tested them all, resisted the fear and took all the pain to bring you an independent overview of all electric gadgets and electric shock games that we found in online stores all over the world.

Since each person experiences pain and fun in a different way, we can not guarantee that you will enjoy the torture like we did, but your friends will have fun for sure watching you playing the games.


Lightning Reaction ExtremeLightning Reaction Extreme

Lightning Reaction Extreme is one of the premier games in the Lightning Reaction series that also consists of Lightning Reaction Revenge and the original Lightning Reaction. The electric shock game is played by up to four players, who don’t mind getting a bit of a shock.
Each player will take up one of four futuristic joysticks, similar to a video gaming joystick, complete with a red “fire” button on the top of the stick. A dome in the center of the machine will begin to flash red once it is pressed, and players will hear eerie and progressively more frantic music. When the dome turns from red to green, each player tries to be the fastest to “buzz in” by pressing the fire button on the joystick.

Buzz in too early before the dome changes color and get a shock. Be too slow, and get a shock.

The game features two power settings…a lower setting for the more faint of heart and a real shocker for the tough players. In order to avoid ANY sort of a shock, you will have to have Lightning Reaction time.


Shocking Arm Wrestling Shocking Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling, in the traditional sense, is one of the oldest contests of physical strength between two men. Winners have been awarded with money, trophies and other prizes for centuries.

With Shocking Arm Wrestling, however, the two players are not playing to win…they are playing not to lose. Both contestants wear elbow pads and gloves. When the back of a loser’s glove touches the pad waiting on the table, the electrical circuit is completed and the loser will receive a shock. It’s just that simple.

Shocking Arm Wrestling comes with the official rules of arm wrestling, as well as some tips and tricks.



Pocket Shock ItPocket Shock It

The Pocket Shock It is a miniature version of a Lightning Reaction type of game that is compact enough to be carried in one’s pocket. It features a flip up design to create all the elements of the full sized game in a small, neat device.

Pocket Shock It features two games in one. A regular game of Lightning Reaction (where the player with the slowest reflexes receives a shock) is available. It also has Shock Roulette, a pun on the old game of Russian Roulette. Set the game to spinning and see which of the game’s two to four players receives a random shock.



1 to 991 to 99 Shock Game

1 to 99 is an electrifying version of the standard child’s game “I’m thinking of a number.” The game here will randomly select a number between one and one hundred. The object of the game is NOT to guess what number the game has selected.

The game features a ten number keypad. There is an unlimited number of players to this electric shock game. Each player takes turns guessing a number. He or she will input a number using the key pad, then press his or her fingers into a metallic slot and await the machine’s response. It will either tell you “higher,” “lower” or will zap you if you have successfully guessed the number.

With each guess, the range of numbers becomes smaller as the players narrow down the correct number.

1 to 99 also features a second game similar to the old game of Simon. Instead of repeating colored sequences, however, the players will have to reproduce numerical sequences, again using the keypad. Incorrect responses result in a shock.



Shocking DuelShocking Duel

Shocking Duel is a game played between two people with nerves of steel. Two joysticks are wired to a small machine. To begin, each player picks up a joystick and will instantly receive a shock. The point of the game is not to let go.

As you maintain a grip on the joystick, the main machine is brewing a second shock, which will be more powerful than the first. These intermittent shocks continue and grow progressively stronger until one of the competitors receives one that he or she can’t handle and lets go of the joystick. The loser is found!

Shocking Duel is powered by three AAA batteries.



Shock BallShock Ball

Children all over the world have probably played games similar to the American classic “Hot Potato.” It was originally played using a piece of hot metal dipped in lard, which melted as time went by…thus revealing the scorching hot metal beneath. The chunk of metal was thrown from person to person, each one hoping to get rid of it before burning. The point of the game was not to drop it. It has been adapted using any matter of ball, and it has become more about catching wild throws and keeping the chain of consecutive catches alive than becoming injured.

Shock Ball, however, is taking the game back to its roots. It is played in exactly the same way as the original Hot Potato, only it uses an electrified ball. The ball lights up and emits random shocks. The person who drops the Shock Ball and ruins the chain of consecutive catches is the loser. It can be played by any number of people.



Shock TanksShock Tanks

This novelty electric shock game is like a remote control car duel only with a shocking twist. First of all, the two competitors will use R/C battle tanks instead of race cars. Second, the tanks can really fight…except they damage their owners, not each other.

Players are able to control their tanks with the remote control and fire upon each other’s tanks using an LED laser gun. The twist is that—if your tank takes damage—you feel a shock through your corresponding controller. The tanks are well-equipped for close range battles, are very maneuverable and surprisingly quick. You will have to use all of your reflexes to avoid getting shocked.


Shocking MemoryShocking Memory

Shocking Memory is a game that is very similar to the old color sequence game called Simon. With Shocking Memory, any number of players can take turns testing their memories. Each player will be asked to duplicate the sequence of sounds and lights. If their memories fail them…you guessed it.

Shocking Memory only has one level of shock, but it does have three level of speed. These serve as difficulty settings and only the sharpest of players will be able to watch a quick sequence sail by and accurately recreate it. The quicker the sequence, the better your memory needs to be!

Shocking Memory runs on three AAA batteries.


Shocking AutopsyShocking Autopsy

As children, we all probably played the game of operation. Withdrawing the different bones and body parts from the patient with the little tweezers was sort of fun, and the annoying buzzer that sounded when you hit the patient’s body let everyone know when you screwed up.

Add a gangster theme and a little electricity and you have Shocking Autopsy. In this electric shock game, the patient is a victim and is pretty much dead. You will have to extract his murder weapons in the form of ice picks, razors, knives, ninja stars and even an anvil. Draw a card from the weapons pile to learn what you have to remove. Touch the sides of the open cadaver with the little metal tweezers, and you will get the shock of a lifetime.



Electric Shock RouletteElectric Shock Roulette

Electric Shock Roulette is a four-player game that is more like Russian Roulette than the traditional gambling game. In this game, the gamble involves pain, not monetary gain.

Each of the competitors, up to four, places a single finger into a slot on the machine, which is powered by three AAA batteries. One player will press the “go” button, and the lights and spooky music will fire up, building tension and apprehension. One of the players is going to get a shock.

The recipient is chosen totally randomly. There really isn’t a winner or loser, and there is no skill required in this one. Getting a shock is literally just from the unluck of the draw.



Shocking LiarShocking Liar

Shocking Liar is a rudimentary polygraph device that will shock the person being interrogated if he or she tells a lie. Keep telling lies, keep getting shocked.

A simple device is strapped to the subject, and then let the questions fly. It is possible to fool Shocking Liar early in questioning, but the longer it stays in place, the more sensitive it becomes, especially after delivering a shock or two and tweaking the body chemistry of the subject.

Shocking Liar comes with three AAA batteries for power, and a list of warnings concerning people with various illnesses and heart conditions.



Shocking QuizShocking Quiz

Shocking Quiz can be played by up to four players, who each hold a buzzer that looks similar to a joystick. Another person serves as a quizmaster. When ready, the players grab their joysticks and take turns rolling a die. The quizmaster will read a question that corresponds to the roll of the die, and the player will have to select from a multiple choice series of answers. These answers are inputted through the joystick…the same portion of the game that will zap a person who answers incorrectly.

The Shocking Quiz electric shock game is all general knowledge questions, and has two different power settings to make either a tickle or quite a spark when people answer wrong.



Thumb WarsThumb Wars

The Thumb Wars electric shock game is a small and simple game that takes the old children’s game of thumb wars to a new level in pain and surprise.

With modern text messaging blowing out of proportions, you may think you will be good at this game, but test yourself against another mega texter to see. Thumb Wars features a single device with two areas for gripping, each complete with a thumb fire button on its top. Instead of trying to pin your opponent’s thumb, you will be trying to use your thumb faster when the game begins challenging your reflexes with lights and sounds. The loser of a bout receives a shock through the thumb.

Shock WireShock Wire

This is an interesting game that concentrates on steady hands and nerves of steel as opposed to luck.

A device holds what looks to be the bust of a man’s head, featuring hair that is standing on end (allegedly from electrocution). The hair is made of wire, and the wire is attached to a small tool with a hook at its base. Hook the device over the wire without touching the wire, and carefully follow the wacky hair around the man’s head. There are plenty of twists, turns, zigs and zags to make it tricky.

If you slip or misjudge a turn, you will complete the electrical circuit running through the crazy hair, and you know what happens then. You are a victim of the shocking wire.

Shocking MinefieldShocking Minefield

Shocking Minefield is an electric shock game of chance that can be played by nearly any number of players. A four by four grid of small lightning bolts conceals a dangerous electrical mine. Players take turns selecting one of the spaces in hopes of avoiding a good zap. Players continue to take turns picking minefields until some unlucky person selects the active field and receives his or her shock.

Shocking Minefield has three power settings so the users can control the potency of the shocks they receive upon making a mistake. It runs on three AAA batteries and is small and compact enough (10x7 centimeters) to make it a very portable game.

Shocking Laser GunsShocking Laser Guns

Paintball and laser tag have both become very popular pastimes for competitors of all ages. It is only natural that someone took it one step further and added a good jolt to the splat and the zap of paintball and laser tag. A new electric shock game was born.

Shocking Laser Guns is very similar to the concept of laser tag, with each competitor being fitted with a small sensor and arming himself with a laser gun. Like laser tag, the sensor picks up shots fired by the opposition. Like paintball, there will be a sting when you get hit…but it will come from the sensor emitting an electrical shock through the handle of the gun. The target is only 15 centimeters square, so practice up.



Electric Shock dot org is a Website dedicated to all aspects of electric shocks and electricity in daily life.

You will find practical help, technical information and interesting facts about one of the most powerful forces on our planet.

Enjoy your short trip into electricity phenomenons and electric shocks.